Friday, June 14, 2013

plugging along

We are plugging along with Kasen on some training in specific areas to prepare for the possbility of starting Kindergarten this fall.

He is getting better at handwriting, especially after I found this pin to help with his grip.

It made a huge difference immediately and even he was excited to see his progress.

I try to have him practice a little every day - tracing the alphabet, writing his name, doing mazes, coloring. He also gets to trace sight words on the tablet, but that just uses his pointer finger. I'd like to order a stylus so he can keep practicing his pencil grip. I've also been looking for ways to increase his finger strength. So far his favorites are popping bubble wrap, playing with small legos and using the slingshot from his Angry Birds Jenga game.

He enjoyed the church we went to two weeks ago, but there was only like 10 minutes of actual sit down instruction. The rest was free play or playing in their play space/slide/climby thing. Of course he loved that! He wanted to make sure he could see me at all times though and every time we switched rooms, he made a point to seek me out and confirm that I'd be following. I know he'll get it with time and be fine... we just have to actually go! Sadly, we've only been to church twice in the past month. It seems like we either have things going on (like guests visiting or birthday parties) or  all week long I think about it but then when the weekend comes, I completely forget. :/ Lame. I may venture to my grandma's church this week, though it's 45 minutes away, which is why we've never gone.

The gifted coordinator for our school district is on summer break until August 9. She said she'd call within her first couple days back to set up the meeting with the board and us to discuss our decision and see what the board recommends. School starts August 22. Eek!

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  1. Neat idea for getting a good pencil grip!

    Other ideas for strengthening his fingers:
    - Playdoh, clay, or thinking putty to smash, poke holes in, roll balls and then poke flat with fingers, etc
    - Bread dough - kneading.
    - Rubber bands - pushing out or pulling in
    - stress reliever ball, squeezing
    - pinching - use large tweezers or clothespins